Conflict of Interest Policy



All Sunderland Parent Carer Forum (SPCF) representatives, staff and volunteers have an obligation to work in the best interests of the organisation. Conflicts of interest may arise where an individual’s personal, family or organisational interests and loyalties conflict with those of SPCF and such conflicts may create problems.

They can:

  • Inhibit free and informed discussion
  • Result in decisions or actions that are not in the best interests of SPCF
  • Risk the impression that SPCF has acted improperly

The aim of this policy is to protect both the SPCF, individuals and their organisations from any appearance of impropriety

Declaration of interests

All SPCF representatives, staff and volunteers are asked to declare their interests and any gifts or hospitality received in connection with their role, using the template form provided. This should include involvement with other organisations (voluntary, public or private sector) whether as a representative, staff member, volunteer or other close associate.

  • To be effective this form needs to be updated annually and also when any changes occur.
  • If you are unsure what to declare, or whether and when your declaration needs to be updated, please err on the side of caution.
  • If you want to discuss this issue please contact one of the Forum’s Co-chair for confidential guidance.

Interests will be recorded in the organisation’s register of interests which will be maintained by the Steering Group.

 What to do if you face a conflict or duality of interest

If you become aware that your involvement in a discussion or decision affecting SPCF presents you with a conflict you should declare your interest at the earliest opportunity.

If the discussion or decision-making involves potential benefit to you, a member of your family or to an organisation you are closely associated with, you should offer to withdraw from any subsequent discussion.

You may participate in discussions from which you may indirectly benefit, for example, where the benefits are universal.