Sunderland Parent Carers of children & young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) are warmly invited to join Sunderland Parent Carer Forum.

 We don’t focus on any one disability, we are pan-disability, and our children and young people are aged 0-25 years.

We are not a support group in the traditional sense of the word, but we do support each other as parent carers; for more on what we do, please visit our “What We Do” page.

You don’t have to leave any of your support groups to join the forum.

Why should I join the Sunderland Parent Carer Forum?

  • You are having your voice heard in surveys and consultations
  • Preferential invites to any events we run
  • Any fee based events we run will either be free, or highly discounted.
  • Sharing experiences and socialising with other parents.
  • You will have the opportunity to help shape existing and future services and provision.


YOU, the expert by experience, will be helping make a difference for every child/young person in Sunderland with a special education need/disability.

    Fill in the form below to be added to our database – we will not share your personal details with any other third party (Full privacy policy can be found HERE).



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