Maureen Morris

When did you join the forum? I joined the forum in 2007 as one of the original members. during my time with the forum I have been a Steering Group member, Chair, Regional Steering Group member  for the North East and Cumbria and Co-chair of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) now I am a volunteer for Sunderland PCF 

Why?  I joined the forum because of my daughter. I had had difficulties getting her into the school that best suited her needs and following a presentation by Katie Clarke who told a group of us what was being done by parents like me in Calderdale I realised I was not alone and there was a better way. 

Tell us a little about your family? I am married to Ken and have a son aged 31 who is now an Assistant Head at a Special School in London and my daughter who is 28 and has ASD, LD and Hereditary Spastic Parplegia. She now lives independently in supported accommodation in Sunderland.  

What is your background? I was a civil servant, then a lecturer at various FE colleges. I gave up work in 1996 to become a carer for my mother who had cancer and for my daughter as my husband worked away from home.When my husband retired I had more time to become involved in forum life locally, regionally and nationally. 

What hobbies do you have, or how do you like to relax? I love to read and wander about visiting places in Northumberland, always stopping at tea shops of course, and we have a dog! 

What music do you like listening to?  I tend to listen to classical music, Ed Sherann, some rap artists (surprisingly) but if my daughter is in the car it is always pop music.

What about TV or movies?  I tend to watch detective series, and things like the Crown and Bridgerton but never reality shows 

Anything else? Although I could not continue to be a member of the forum because my daughter is too old now, I love volunteering with them and being part of that parent carer family. Nobody gets our lives like another parent carer.

Name: Maureen Morris
Position: Volunteer
Contact Number: 07393129858
Address: St Mary & St Peter’s Community Project, Sunningdale Road, Sunderland, SR3 4DY

Status: Active
I.D Issued : 01/02/2022
I.D Expires : 01/02/2025